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Warning Signs That You Will Pay Too Much For College

Most families overpay for college. Here are six danger signs that you might be heading in that direction too. You have not made a budget for college. - As a parent, I know how much we want to tell our children that...

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Divorced? What You Need To Know When Planning For Your Child’s College.

Sending your child to college is always a stressful time. Parents want what is best for their kids, but college is very expensive nowadays. Plus it’s getting harder to be admitted; even the State colleges are rejecting...

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Inflation is a Double-Whammy for College Graduates

The costs associated with college continue to soar. Historically the price of college has outpaced inflation by over four times. Hence the amount of college debt taken on by a family has skyrocketed to unstable levels....

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Resources and Tips to Know when Looking for Scholarships.

I remember when I first started working in a Financial Aid Office at a major university, parents would tell me they hired someone to help their child find, and apply to, scholarships. Thankfully things have changed...

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Financial Aid Awareness Month -- FAFSA Tips & Common Mistakes to Avoid

Throughout the month of February, the higher education community celebrates Financial Aid Awareness Month in an effort to provide crucial information to students and families about access to federal, state, and...

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16 Elite Universities Accused of Collusion, Price Fixing, Withholding Admissions… OH MY!!!