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Commercial Property and Auto Insurance

Commercial Property and Auto Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance Covers Your Premises

It’s hard to turn on the news these days without seeing people losing properties to storms, fires, and other unexpected disasters. If you own a business in Colorado, you want to make sure your property is protected from these catastrophes. Otherwise, you could be responsible for repairs, rebuilding, or replacement of your business property, which most Denver companies can’t afford on their own.

Commercial property insurance gives you multiple types of coverage:

  • Protection of your business structure
  • Insurance for your business furnishings and office equipment
  • Coverage of your inventory and supplies

You are also covered in case of vandalism or theft. Many commercial policies let you add loss of income (aka business interruption coverage) in case you can’t operate after filing a claim. Some business owners also like the peace of mind they get by adding earthquake or flood insurance based on their location.

Your commercial property policy will also provide a certain amount of liability coverage, such as if someone slips and falls on your property and needs medical care. You can increase that protection — and we urge our business clients to do so — with a commercial liability policy. Business umbrella insurance adds even more liability protection.

Commercial Auto Insurance Is a Must

Just as personal owners are required to carry insurance on their vehicles in Colorado, businesses are also responsible for having commercial auto insurance. Any vehicle used for work should be covered by a commercial policy, whether you operate one delivery van or a fleet of service trucks.

Commercial auto insurance protects you and your employees, as well as other drivers, should you be at fault in an accident or hit by an uninsured motorist. Business auto coverage can be used to protect vehicles you rent while out of town on business. It should also be purchased for any personal vehicles you use for business purposes, such as for sales calls or delivery runs.

Our Independent Agents Will Tailor a Business Policy for Your Company

Because we’re an independent agency licensed in 30 states, we take the time to go over your business operation with you to make certain you have the property and auto coverage you need. We can also offer a wider menu of business insurance products than big-name companies. This gives you customized business coverage that is both affordable and leaves no gaps in your protection.

To learn more about commercial property and auto insurance for your Denver area business, call MAC Insurance & Financial Services, Inc today at 303-368-3000. You can also get a quote anytime online, and we’ll follow up to make sure you get the coverage you require to protect your business investment.