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Plan for Education

from MAC Insurance & Financial Services, Inc

Plan Properly for a College Education

One of the most stressful financial concerns for many is how they will pay (or help pay) for their children or grandchildren’s education. In light of rising higher education costs, it's important to have a savings plan in place that accounts for inflation and estimated expenses. MAC can help create a versatile plan, tailored to your budget and desire to help fund education costs.

The benefits of higher education are clear. On average, a person who receives a college education earns about 89% more than a high school graduate. Proper planning and foresight may help to open up educational opportunities. MAC can help create a versatile plan that's right for you and the students in your life.

In light of rising higher education costs, it's important to have a savings plan in place that accounts for inflation and future expenses. Parents need an advocate and a reliable resource to help them navigate the college planning process effectively and efficiently. Our goal at MAC is to empower parents with the knowledge they need to make sending their children to college a whole lot easier. 

At MAC, we have a highly experienced college planner who helps families find the best-fit colleges for their child. Then we help you with the admissions process so your chances of getting admitted improve. Plus our college planner is a former financial aid director at a major university and he can review your situation to make sure you qualify for as much free money as possible from the Financial Aid Offices. Often times, our college planner has helped families qualify for thousands of more free money than originally given by a Financial Aid Office.

 This is how MAC is different from all the others. Most financial planners just focus on saving money for college. But at MAC, we help you put together a plan that encompasses college fit, college admissions, maximizing the free money from the Financial Aid Office, and then we look at the various ways you can save money for college. Our savings plans can help account for both inflation and financial aid. MAC can help you create a customized plan that is tailored to your academic and financial goals. 

So whether you have a newborn baby and you’re thinking about saving ahead for college, or you have a senior in high school and just don’t know where to start, MAC can help. To schedule a confidential, no cost, no obligation meeting contact us today.

Steve McLean

Steven McLean AIF®